Digital Diplomatics 2013, Paris 14-16 Nov

Dealing with documents in a computerized age opens the interpretation of what "diplomatics" could be. The third edition of the "Digital Diplomatics" conference, to be held in Paris, Nov. 14-16, 2013 at the new building of the Archives Nationales de France asks therefore

2013-11-01 -

What is Diplomatics in a digital environemnet?
It has put up a three days program with internaional speakers in nine fields:

- Global Diplomatics
- Evidence as a Juridical and a Diplomatic Concept
- Can the whole meaning of a document be digitally conveyed?
- Diplomatics of Digitally Born Archives
- Digital Corpora: from Charters to Web archives
- The Use of Complex Technology in Diplomatic Analysis
- Diplomatic Visualization
- Teaching Diplomatics
- Methods of critical analysis of digital documents

Detailed program here

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